Use this form to add, take out, or share your course material(s). John J. Wright Library's Reserves will hold the following materials for your students to check out: Books, DVDs, CDs, and printed articles (or other loose leaf papers) that are placed inside of a folder / binder. Note: We are not responsible for damaged materials that you have placed on hold. 

This form can be filled out by faculty or anyone on behalf of faculty. 


Click on as many options as needed.
Adding Course Materials
Drop off your materials at the library's front desk.
If it's only one copy, then it can only be checked out for 2 hours and not leave the library. If you are giving the library more than one copy, you have the option to give these additional materials a custom check out period (2 hours up to 3 days).
Removing a Course Material
Your removed items will be sent to your office.