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What is ProQuest EDT:

A service / database. The service is that it allows you to order bound copies of your dissertation, allows you to publish your dissertation, allows you to file for copyright registration, and allows you to sale your dissertation (depending on what publication style you get). You will upload your thesis into the ProQuest Database which will be available through ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis Online Repository, or PQDT Open Database; making your thesis or dissertation available to the research community with ProQuest ETD Administrator.

Publication choice:

Option 1: Traditional publication: This is free. It will allow you to sell your dissertation to be seen and sold through subscription databases, ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis Online Repository. Note: La Roche’s Library currently does not have access to these databases.

Option 2: Open Access: You will have to pay $95, but it is seen (not available for purchase) through the open access database of PQDT Open Database.

Note: you can always go back into your account and change the publication choice later.


Once I summit, what is the process?

Once you submit, Dr. Rosemary D. McCarthy, PhD., RN, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies and Adult Education, will get a notification (via email) that she has your dissertation pending for her approval. She reviews it, and will either select “approve,” or send back for revision. Once it is approved, it will automatically go to publishing. Either way you will get a notification via email.

What is the format?

PDF. If you have supplementary files for example: sound clips or spreadsheet of research data, then you can use the separate add file option, located in your account.

Why do we use this system?

•   It's easy.

•   Submissions, revisions, re-submissions, and approvals with your administrator, online.

•   Your work, part of the most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses in the world—ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global.

What other information do I need?

  • A PDF copy of your dissertation/thesis. This must be a single file. If your manuscript is in Word or RTF format, we can convert it into a PDF.
  • Abstract
  • Optional Supplementary files (images, data, etc.) that are an integral part of the dissertation/thesis, but not part of the full text.
  • Advisor and other Committee Members' Names.
  • Subject Categories - 1 - 3 that best describe your dissertation/thesis' subject area.

How long does this take?

Once you get the approval from Dr. McCarthy, it automatically goes to publishing. The publishing could take 6-8 week to get it located on either database.

What if I order bound copies?

It will take 3-4 weeks to print and ship out to you.

How much does it cost?

Open access publishing: $95

Traditional publishing: Free

Bound copies: it depends on how many copies and what cover you want (soft / hardback). It could be up to $62

Copyright (optional): you can register a copyright for $55

When is it due? due date is given by Dr. McCarthy

What if I start the process, and then change my mind. Can I come back and make changes?

Yes, as long as you do not hit submit, then you can save your changes as many times as you want. No information lost. Also, you can withdraw and resubmit.

What is the first thing I need to do? Register for an account.

Click on the image to go to the website: 

Nursing Subject Category: 


Other health and medical sciences: 

Aging 0493

Alternative medicine 0496

Audiology 0300

Dentistry 0567

Epidemiology 0766

Gerontology 0351

Health care management 0769

Health sciences 0566

Immunology 0982

Kinesiology 0575

Medical ethics 0497

Medical imaging 0574

Medicine 0564

Mental health 0347

Nursing 0569

Nutrition 0570

Obstetrics 0380

Occupational safety 0354

Occupational therapy 0498

Oncology 0992

Ophthalmology 0381

Osteopathic medicine 0499

Pathology 0571

Pharmaceutical sciences 0572

Pharmacology 0419

Physical therapy 0382

Public health 0573

Public health education 0500

Speech therapy 0460

Surgery 0576

Toxicology 0383

Veterinary medicine 0778

Have questions about your dissertation: 

Rosemary D. McCarthy, PhD., RN

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies and Adult Education

412-536-1173 or Rosemary.McCarthy@LaRoche.edu

Have questions about the submission of your dissertation: 

Alecia Kerr, Library Director 

412-536-1056 or alecia.kerr@laroche.edu